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Vegas Dave is one of the most feared sports betters in the world. He is currently banned from wagering at the Las Vegas Casinos after winning millions of dollars off of them. He has been featured in global platforms world wide such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and Forbes. Remember Vegas was built on losers not winners. Below are some important topics and secrets Vegas Dave reveals in how to beat the sports books. This is the first time ever he has answered questions openly. If you are truly interested in learning how to wager successfully these are must watch videos.


Introduction to Vegas Dave’s mentorship


Why create the mentorship program?

Mentorship Videos

Vegas Dave could charge thousands of dollars for his insightful videos. Instead, he has decided to charge $99 to view the full video. We encourage you to watch all of the videos but you can pick and choose which ones you would like to see. He highly recommends the “money management” and ” why futures are the most lucrative bets’

Why is money management so crucial for success?

Key tips when starting out.

The importance to play to win and not for action. 

Why Parlays and Round Robins works.

How to identify line movements and trap games.

Differences in handicapping college football vs NFL.

Handicapping Questions:

Vegas Dave and Superstitions.

What it takes to make it.

How to bounce back from a bad streak and risk.

Why futures are the most lucrative bets.

The importance of bankroll.

Take the points or lay the points?

Are games fixed?

Why to be extremely careful when betting Monday Night Football.

How Vegas Dave hit his million dollar future payouts.

How to handle a bad losing streak.

Putting in the work.

Bank roll advice for people with smaller bank rolls.

The advantage of betting sports over table games.

Overall sport betting tips.

How and why to bet underdogs.

Why Vegas Dave vs. other handicappers.

Biggest regrets and obstacles in Vegas Dave’s career.

Paying taxes on sports betting.

When Vegas Dave knew sports betting was his calling.

Parlay and mentorship questions.

Testimonials and mentorship questions.

How you can be mentored and not live in Vegas.

Betting underdogs and over under totals.

In game and live betting.

Why teasers works in the NFL.

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