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*Dave’s most popular package.


*Total Bundle Package This Gets You All Sports And Saves Your Over 50% (Most Popular)


*Dave’s most popular package.

All of you after emailing me now understand the importance that this 10 unit executive package is to be used in conjuction with the all sports “total bundle” package or a weekly football, weekly NCAA basketball, weekly NBA, and soon to be weekly NHL ( coming out next week).

If you upgrade to the 10 unit all sports bundle package Its imperative you are on the all sports “total bundle” package or a weekly package as well so you get all the plays! The 10 unit bundle package only gets you the top 10 unit plays a week ( 5-10 weekly) where the other packages get you (1) 10 unit play a week. With the 10 unit package you won’t get parlays, round robins, teasers, or any other straight bets 1-9 units. Only the 10 unit plays for the week. You do NOT want to leave money on the table. I am 10-1 on 5 unit plays and in the last month we have cahed in on over 50 parlays and teasers! DO NOT disregard these plays.  Thats why it is imperative that the 10 unit bundle package is works together in conjucttion with the all sports total bundle package or a weekly package of you the sport of your choice to maximize profits. Unless you are a whale and want to fire $100,000 a game then maybe the 10 unit all sports total bundle package is for you. Again its imperative that if you upgrade to the all sports 10 unit total bundle package you are also on the all sports total bundle package or a  weekly package. If you have any questions email and Vegas Dave will reply personally to you.

Football Weekly Package NFL And College

NCAA College Basketball Weekly Package

NBA Weekly Package

2H Football Package

2H Basketball Package NBA And College

Vegas Dave Is Known As The KING OF FUTURES.  He Recently Just Predicted The Houston Astros To Win The World Series.  Vegas Dave Already Has The Super Bowl Winner And His NBA Finals Winner As Well.  Get Them Now While The ODDS Are Very High.  His Super Bowl Winner Is At 20-1 Odds Currently And His NBA Finals Champion Is Sitting At 15-1 Odds.  Please Note Vegas Dave Never Takes The Favorites.  He Always Takes The Long Shot That Always Seems To CASH.  Also FYI He Is Not Giving Out The First Place Patriots, Eagles Or Steelers For NFL.  For The NBA He Is Not Giving Out Golden State Warriors Or The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Vegas Dave’s Superbowl Futures


Vegas Dave likes to work personally with each of his players. He works via email only. 
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